Community Relations & Grassroots Advocacy

Getting “The People” on your side

Sometimes you need to reach a lot of people in a particular location. You need to make sure the community knows who you are and what you’re doing so there are no misunderstandings, complications or misguided opposition. You need to show you are the friendly neighbor, or you need to rally support. We can help.

Gaining Momentum and Strength
Whether by advocacy or through coalition development, The Protea Group drives your issue campaign forward, building on the strength of your cause and the momentum brought about by its acceptance.

Fortify and expand support
We focus on a vast consortium of grass roots contacts and make grass tops connections with key influential leaders, all of whom publicly support, endorse, and lobby for your cause.

Overcome opposition
We identify your existing supporters and allies. We recruit, educate, and mobilize them to articulate and argue your cause, impressing and ultimately influencing opinion leaders and decision makers.

Strengthen your position
We grow powerful coalitions from the ground up or build strong alliances with existing partnerships to ensure your position gains momentum and strength.

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