• We Are A Full Service Communications & Public Affairs Consultancy

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  • Campaign Websites

    Your voters expect one. Your opponent will have one. Your donors will look for one. If people are interested in you, the first thing they will do is research you by looking up your website.

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  • Communications

    How you talk to people determines the perception they will have of you … leader or loser. In talking to different audiences – your colleagues, your customers, your legislators or the press – every single communication says more than you think.

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  • Community Relations

    Sometimes you need to reach a lot of people in a particular location. You need to make sure the community knows who you are and what you’re doing so there are no misunderstandings, complications or misguided opposition.

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  • Political Management

    Public awareness and branding are as essential to a political campaign as they are to a business; to succeed, campaigns need to get their message out to gather support for their candidate or issue.

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  • Issue Advocacy

    We work with advocacy groups to advance and manage the attention of elected officials, media outlets and the voters on critical issues.

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Who We Are

The Protea Group is a communications and public affairs consultancy based in New York City. We are a one-stop shop that provides a full suite of services including community relations, strategic advice, issue advocacy, grassroots organizing, public affairs, website development, political management, social media marketing, investment forums and trade missions.

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